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Embed analytics in a code-first, scalable, modular way with Sisense ComposeSDK, our flexible developer toolkit. Build analytics and insight-driven experiences in your products faster, reduce maintenance burden, and save development time over coding from scratch.
            import { Chart } from "@sisense/sdk-ui";
import { measures } from "@sisense/sdk-data";
import * as DM from "./sample-ecommerce";

export default function App() {
  return (
        category: [DM.Commerce.AgeRange],
        value: [measures.sum(DM.Commerce.Revenue, 'Sales')],
        breakBy: [DM.Commerce.Category]

Choose the right embedding approach

Align your use case, flexibility, and deployment needs with the right libraries.

Compose SDK

  • Use Case: Build data driven applications
  • Embeddable Elements: Data, charts, customizable individual filters
  • Visualizations: Sisense or your own charts
  • Flexibility: High
  • Languages: React & TypeScript

Embed SDK

  • Use Case: Embed dashboards into web applications
  • Embeddable Elements: Entire Sisense dashboards
  • Visualizations: Sisense widgets
  • Flexibility: Medium
  • Languages: JavaScript

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“I love the tool. It's a great way to deliver world-class embedded analytics to end users.  I want to work with it every day. Sisense is a 50-blade Swiss Army Knife for business analytics.  Knowing how to best apply those blades is key for a successful Sisense implementation.”
Jim Thomas
Silutions Consuting LLC
“Sisense is the flexible platform to build the dynamic report, with the filter options... For the developer or person who has experience in coding. Sisense is really easy to control and integrate with other systems. It can connect the data in database management, excel, google data, ... We can cook the data with SQL scripts.“
Binh Thai
L&E International Ltd.